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Welcome to the Leconfield Parish News website

...serving the communities of Leconfield, Arram and Scorborough. The website is maintained on behalf of Leconfield Parish Council and will provide information regarding Parish Council meetings, local history, a list of community groups and activities, and news about events happening locally. If you would like to contribute to the website or are involved in a local group and would like to be included please email lecpc@pjw.karoo.co.uk.
Next Parish Council meeting:

Tuesday 7th May at 7.30pm, at Leconfield Village Hall.
Local News

Local Council Elections - 2nd May

Lists of the nominees for the local elections have been received by the clerk and can be viewed by clicking below...
Statement of persons nominated for Beverley Rural Ward
Statement of person nominated for Leconfield Parish Council

From Cara Pedley:
"As you might be aware, I undertook research on the village of Leconfield last summer as part of my undergrad dissertation. Many residents contributed to my research by completing questionnaires and attending interviews.
As a result, many residents expressed their interest into finding out the final outcome to my research.
Details on how to access Cara's dissertation can be found here...

Useful Information

Leconfield Emergency Defibrillator.
A defibrillator for use in emergencies is sited in a secure stowage on the wall of Arthur Day's shop on Main Street. Should the need to use this equipment arise, you should go to the defibrillator and from there phone the emergency services. The operator will ask for your location  and then give you full instructions on how to open the stowage container and then how to use the defibrillator, which is straight forward.

Community Recycling
Recycling facilities for paper and glass are located in the Village Hall car park.

Bin Collections
See the East Riding Council website for all information on waste and recycling bins.

Policing Issues
Please make sure you ring the Police on 101 to log any incidents otherwise they will not be recorded
and that will not assist the Parish Council when raising issues regarding policing in the parish.

Planning Applications
Planning applications for within the parish can be viewed on the East Riding of Yorkshire Council website.

Crime Prevention - Safe and Sound Scheme
Information on keeping your home or business secure can be viewed on the East Riding of Yorkshire Council website.
Certain residents may qualify for a grant to improve home security through the Safe and Sound scheme.

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